About Us

The Lung Cancer Registry, created by GO2 for Lung Cancer, is a global online database that was launched in 2016.

We work to change the reality of living with lung cancer

Our Purpose

The Registry was designed so that patients could contribute their individual experiences with lung cancer through survey questions asking about the patient, their medical history and diagnosis, treatment, outcomes, and quality of life. The information provided is completely secure; the user decides who sees the information, how it will be used and if they want to be contacted by Registry staff.

Quick & Easy

We value your time.

It’s quick and easy to register, and surveys can be saved at any point, so that you can complete them when it’s convenient for you. In addition, after you fill out surveys, you can see the other deidentified responses to see what your disease looks like compared to other people with lung cancer in the registry.

Participate in the Lung Cancer Registry so that you can…

Join a global community of patients, survivors, caregivers, and researchers.

View other deidentified data to compare with your own.

Advance our understanding about lung cancer.

Connect with researchers and healthcare providers. Get names and addresses of healthcare providers seen by other Lung Cancer Registry members.

Speed the search for new and better treatments, and perhaps help find a cure for lung cancer.

Get announcements about new Registry studies, clinical trials or Registry publications through contact and sharing preferences that you can change at any time.

Use the Lung Cancer Registry for medical record keeping. Upload genetic test results and medical records into a secure platform to help organize your medical information.

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GO2 for Lung Cancer relentlessly confronts lung cancer on every front, every day,
for everyone. Founded by patients and survivors, we are dedicated to increasing
survival for those at risk, diagnosed, and living with lung cancer.